His life

Louis Van Gorp was born on September 21, 1932 in Arendonk, a small village in the North-Eastern part of Belgium. His full name was Corneel Lodewijk Pieter Van Gorp, abbreviated to C.L.P. Van Gorp. … More His life

His work

Louis Van Gorp had the talent to create a complex universe with a few brush strokes. He was fascinated by light, reflection and the richness of colour variations. He consciously and explicitly choose to continue the path of figurative painting, as a way of genuine craftmanship. … More His work

His legacy

The legacy of Louis Van Gorp consists of a wide variety of paintings, drawings, watercolors and etchings. The non-profit organisation vzw CLP Van Gorp aims to preserve and manage his entire oeuvre, and open it to the general public. … More His legacy