His legacy

The legacy of Louis Van Gorp consists of a wide variety of paintings, drawings, watercolours and etchings. The non-profit organisation vzw CLP Van Gorp aims to preserve and manage his entire oeuvre, and to show it to the general public.


In addition, Van Gorp and his team of lecturers built the art school in his native Arendonk into one of the largest art schools for part-time education in Belgium. Twenty years ago, Van Gorp handed over the flourishing municipal academy to a new director, Marc Hermans. Marjolijn, one of the artist’s daughters, is lecturer at the art children’s education programme (age 6-12) of the school.

In addition, Louis Van Gorp founded an artist colony  in Bracht, a tiny village in the German-speaking part of Belgium, at the beginning of the eighties. Dozens of artists  stayed there to immortalise the eye-catching scenery of this region.

In the later years of his life, the artist preferred to stay in the Swiss mountains, trying to catch the light in all its serene silence. This period marks one of the highlights in his art, resulting in literally changing landscapes: the longer one looks at it, the more one sees in it. His dream was to show these and other paintings in one major exhibition. However, he passed away before this could happen, at the end of December 2008.

Swiss mountains




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